I’m proud of Jesus and His GOSPEL, not ashamed!

It’s a believer’s duty to speak the truth! 



Seeking guidance from Christian leaders:

Being PROUD of Jesus and His Gospel is one of the single most important things  to be a believer yet there has been centuries-old silence among believers over  PRIDE IN CHRIST because of the notion that PRIDE is always sinful. It appears as if history is being made in the Christian world  because no one could  claim to be a believer without being PROUD of Jesus and His Gospel.

It is our belief that being prideful is holy and is not a sin as long as we ultimately acknowledge God in our  bragging or boasting,  what He has accomplished in us and through us.       Galatians 6:14  – Corinthians 1:31 – Therefore I boast in Christ…Romans 15:17It was because of this great awakening of “Pride In Christ” among believers that a group of American entrepreneurs presented PROUD OF JESUS to the world as a Christian revolution for ‘Pride In Christ’ in 2012.



_______________________ Love doesn’t necessarily breed pride but pride breeds love! ______________________________