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 “God has strange ways to accomplish something.  His timing, His purpose, and the people He chooses to accomplish something  is beyond human comprehension!

Believers are finally awakened with PRIDE IN CHRIST – overlooked for 2000 Years!

– Most scholars now believe that PRIDE is holy and is not sinful as long as we ultimately acknowledge GOD  in our boasting for what He has accomplished for us and through us. ( Galatians 6:14 ) – Paul speaks of healthy PRIDE we should have in ourselves and others  (2 Cor 5:12; 7:4; 8:24; Gal 6:4) –  Saint Paul said, “Therefore in Christ Jesus I have found reason for boasting in things pertaining to God”. “Let the one who boasts, boast in the Lord.”-  1Corinthians 1:31

Church leaders of all denominations are finally being awakened with the immense Biblical significance of being PROUD OF JESUS – overlooked for 2000 years. It is the hope of believers that church leaders, as the servants of GOD, would consider it as their duty to remind the believers to be PROUD of Jesus and His Gospel without which no one could maintain their faith or claim to be a believer. It is the hope of believers that PROUD OF JESUS will transcend churches of all denominations as a symbol of the ultimate Christian BOAST ( Galatians 6:14 ) to bring Glory and Honor to Christ in a much more meaningful way. Revelation 5:12

– Historically, Churches were silent over PRIDE IN CHRIST in the past, believers were reluctant to express their PRIDE IN CHRIST in public,   Church leaders avoided using the words such as PRIDE or PROUD as part of their sermons because of their belief that PRIDE is always sinful. –   To bring Glory and Honor to Christ  in a much more meaningful way led to the birth of “PROUD OF JESUS” as a symbol of the ultimate Christian BOAST ( 1 Corinthians 1:31 )

The debate over PRIDE IN CHRIST and PROUD OF JESUS has just begun….

IS PRIDE ALWAYS SINFUL? – Should believers express their PRIDE IN CHRIST in public?   – Should Christians be PROUD of Jesus? – Many church leaders are debating on the subject of being PROUD of Jesus because they are concerned that Christians being PROUD of Jesus brings Jesus Christ to a human level because Christians are PROUD of their Children.  This concern raises a critical question, “Should Christians LOVE Jesus?”…because many Christians LOVE their Children.

PROUD OF JESUSWhy should Church leaders  author PROUD OF JESUS publications?

     – Because, it is the duty of all church leaders, as the servants of GOD, to awaken the believers with PRIDE IN CHRIST” without which Glory to Christ is not possible. The publication of PROUD OF JESUS authored by Church leaders will have far-reaching impact on the believers and non-believers because…

  • Churches were silent for 200o years over PRIDE IN CHRIST.
  • The centuries-old perception among the believers that PRIDE is always sinful will become a thing of the past.
  •  Church leaders will begin  delivering their much more interesting and memorable sermons by expressing their PRIDE IN CHRIST.
  • PROUD OF JESUS will start a new era of much more meaningful  school Curriculum and thought provoking publications authored by church leaders with titles such as…PRIDE IN CHRIST, PROUD OF JESUS, PROUD OF CHRIST and beyond.
  • The believers will begin expressing their PRIDE IN CHRIST in Christ in public places.
  • And most importantly, PROUD OF JESUS will help believers develop much more meaningful personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Jesus never wrote other than in the sand, yet His Words have brought life to billions.   
Jesus was a model for social harmony. Jesus taught His followers to love enemies as God loves them. Teachings of Jesus are worthy of PRIDE and Glory.“God, If I hurt others, give me the strength to apologize,  if people hurt me, give me the strengthen to forgive!”
Be kind and forgive one another as God forgave you. – Ephesians 4:32 esv“If you love only those who love you, what is great in that?”  –  St. Matthew 5:46.

Love doesn’t necessary breed PRIDE but PRIDE breeds Love. 

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