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     “God has strange ways to accomplish something.  His timing, His purpose, and the people He chooses to  accomplish something  is beyond human comprehension!”




Petition Seeking A Vatican Declaration

       To awaken the Christian world with PRIDE IN CHRIST, this historic PETITION will soon be delivered at the VATICAN to seek their public declaration that “PRIDE IN CHRIST IS NOT A SIN!”                                      

  •  Our target for this Petition is 1, 000,000 plus signatories.

                     As the servants of GOD, it is the duty of all church leaders                                                              to awaken the believers with PRIDE IN CHRIST.



 For more info. about our Petition,  plase contact:


How would PRIDE IN CHRIST petition impact the believers?

  • PRIDE IN CHRIST will revers the centuries-old Christian belief that PRIDE is always sinful.
  • With PRIDE IN CHRIST, the believers will be able to express their ultimate LOVE for Christ in public places in a much more meaningful way.
  • PRIDE IN CHRIST will offer a unique opportunity for church leaders to be able to author their Prideful and Boastful Christian publications.
  • PRIDE IN CHRIST will start a new era of Prideful and Boastful Christian gifts and greetings to celebrate their special occasions in a much more memorable way.
  • PRIDE IN CHRIST will start a new era of Boastful Curriculum for Christian schools to re-ignite the flame of love for Christ in Christian families .
  • And most importantly, with PRIDE IN CHRIST, Church leaders will begin reminding the believers to be PROUD OF JESUS and His Gospel in churches of all  denominations to bring Glory and Honor to Christ in a much more meaningful way.



Jesus never wrote other than in the sand, yet His Words have brought life to billions.   

Jesus was a model for social harmony. Jesus taught His followers to love enemies as God loves them. Teachings of Jesus are worthy of PRIDE and Glory.“God, If I hurt others, give me the strength to apologize,  if people hurt me, give me the strengthen to forgive!”    -Be kind and forgive one another as God forgave you. – Ephesians 4:32 esv   –  “If you love only those who love you, what is great in that?”  –  St. Matthew 5:46.​
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