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Believers can express their Pride In Christ in public.

   The believers never expressed their PRIDE IN CHRIST in the past because of the notion that PRIDE is always sinful. With this great awakening of PRIDE IN CHRIST, believers have begun expressing their PRIDE IN CHRIST in public places.  


  • Being PROUD OF JESUS helps you understand how the Holy Spirit works through you.
  • Being PROUD OF JESUS helps you know what God has not called you to do.
  • Being PROUD OF JESUS relieves you from serving out of duty.
  • Being PROUD OF JESUS fills a deep inner need.
  • PROUD OF JESUS gift builds unity among Christians.
  • PROUD OF JESUS gift equips you to fulfill God’s purpose for you life.
  • And finally, PROUD OF JESUS gift adds to your self-acceptance.


The Ultimate Christian Gifts!

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