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Being PROUD OF JESUS helps believers understand God’s Gifts  for their lives!

Spiritual gifts are tools given by God for doing the work of the ministry. Different people are given different gifts to handle different tasks. Thus, if God gives you a hammer, He wants you to drive nails, not cut boards. If He wanted you to cut boards, He would have given you a saw rather than a hammer. Understanding your gift in light of this principle will enable you to make decisions as to where to serve God, how to serve God, and in many cases, help you choose your occupation. But in all cases it will help you set priorities for your life.
What God has called you to do He has gifted you to do, and what He has gifted you to do He has called you to do.
  • PROUD OF JESUS gift helps you understand how the Holy Spirit works through you.
  • PROUD OF JESUS gift helps you know what God has not called you to do.
  • PROUD OF JESUS gift relieves you from serving out of duty.
  • PROUD OF JESUS gift fills a deep inner need.
  • PROUD OF JESUS gift builds unity among Christians.
  • PROUD OF JESUS gift equips you to fulfill God’s purpose for you life.
  • And finally, PROUD OF JESUS gift adds to your self-acceptance.


The Ultimate Christian Gifts!

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