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                                        * Believers of all faiths are made in the image of the same loving God. To hate other faiths is to hate God. – To reject them is to reject God.                                                                                                           Whether we worship at a church, a synagogue, a mosque or temple, it does not matter.  we all worship the same God of love.” – Pope Francis

** Judaism, Christianity and Islam are referred as the Abrahamic faiths. Prophet Abraham is considered the father of these three great religions.   – “And God will teach Him the Book   and give Him the knowledge of the Torah, and appoint Him as His Messenger to the children of Israel.” Quran 3:45-49

 …because the teachings of this one man “Jesus” has had more impact on the world  than any other human being in the history of mankind!!!

The teachings of Jesus are commonly shared among the believers and non-believers. – Jesus was a model for social harmony.  – Jesus taught His followers to love enemies as God loves them.

 – “God, If I hurt others, give me the strength to apologize,  if people hurt me, give me the strengthen to forgive!”


Inspire your friends with PROUD OF JESUS greetings…




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